5 Tips for Affordable Interior Design

by Lauren Smith

Interior design doesn't have to break your bank account! Inspiration and design can be found almost anywhere, but it takes a trained eye. I've compiled some helpful tips to assist in your interior design adventure. 

1. Thrift, Thrift, baby! - You'd be amazed at what people toss. Find your favorite thrift store and check out the furniture section. You may find that one item that sets your place on fire. 

2. Don't buy all at once. Buy key items first and stick to a budget. Buy the bed, but hang on to the old dresser until you can replace it or refurbish it. Rome was not built in a day! 

3. Find low cost designers. May I mention that 10th Street Décor will design a room for $50.00 and tell you where to buy!! Insane, right! 

4. Less is more. Don't crowd every color or object into one space. Balance is key for your sanity and your budget. 

5. Okay, this isn't affordable at first, but can help in the indecisive persons mind. I  love budget stores that rhyme with CJ Maxx or Garchles. If I see something and I can't decide, I'll buy both. Try both out in my space and return one.